AS 30 WeedHex 160

Mechanical weed removal for professional use

Like its little brother the AS 30 WeedHex 140, the AS 30 WeedHex 160 uses mechanical methods to remove weeds in an environmentally responsible manner, without the use of chemicals. Its steel brush’s high torque, thanks to a speed of just 600 rpm, removes even the most stubborn weeds.

The AS 30 WeedHex 160 weighs 38 kg and delivers work rates up to 1,000 m²/h. A reduced brush speed also minimizes the danger of stone impact and dust creation, enabling safe work. A protective cloth is mounted on the device so there is no need to shield work areas with panels or cloths. The AS 30 WeedHex 160 is factory-equipped with a snorkel filter that protects the engine from dust and other contaminants.

Designed for use on uneven surfaces such as cobblestones, along gutters and in corners, the AS 30 WeedHex 140’s wheels can be asymmetrically adjusted in height which places the brush at an incline. This means the AS 30 WeedHex 140 can get into places that cannot be reached with larger devices.

Product advantages

Reduced brush speed

The reduced brush speed of 600 rpm and protective cloth enable safe work with minimal risk of stone ejection or dust.

Perfect edge-clearing

Lateral offset between brush and chassis enables perfect edge-clearing.

Asymmetric chassis adjustment

Individually height-adjustable wheels (four levels) allow edges and depressions to be even more effectively cleared out and cleaned.

High brush torque

Engine/brush gear reduction more than doubles the torque for stubborn weeds.

Handle bar

The handle bar can be adjusted to 3 positions.

Product details

Brush system

The right brush for every requirement. The basic unit is delivered without brush as standard. The brushes can be selected according to individua area of application and has to be ordered separately.

Snorkel filter

Dust-free air intake for ideal performance.

Protective cloth

Protective cloth enables work on areas close to traffic and can be removed without tools.

Wheel scrapers

Scrapers prevent cuttings from adhering to the wheels.

Technical Data

working width 35 cm
engine manufacturer B&S
engine designation 750 EX Series I/C DOV
maximum power 3,0/4,1 kW (hp)
rated power 2,7/3,7 kW (hp)
rated speed 2800 rpm
brush rpm 600
direct brush drive / brush clutch /
suitable for even pavements
suitable for uneven pavements
suitable for curb stones
suitable for gravel roads
Handlebar adjustment: height
tank capacity 1 l
dimension L/W/H 157x61x108 cm
weight 37 kg
Optional, plate brush nylon 35cm / plate brush steel 35cm / brush holder for braid brushes steel 42cm / /
Changes in technology, equipment and price are reserved. Of information or illustrations no claims can be derived.


Operating hour meter

Documentation of work hours.

Plate brush, nylon

Developed for use on sensitive surfaces. Cutting force: gentle.

Plate brush, steel

As a reserve for daily use. Cutting force: very high.

Brush holder

For AS 30 WeedHex, allows the use of 2, 4 or 6 braid brushes. Working width 42 cm. Simple quick change system. Cutting force: high. New from mid-2019.

Braid brush, steel

For AS 50 WeedHex and AS 30 in conjunction with the brush holder. AS 50: 2 pieces per machine, AS 30: 2,4 or 6 pieces per machine.

3rd support wheel

Rotatable support wheel with quick locking device, reduces lateral forces considerably and allows consistent work with less fatigue.

Customer reviews

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