Ecologically oriented green space maintenance

Keeping dry grassland free

Common pasque flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris) in dry grass area, Lower Franconia

Not mowing is not a solution either

When we think of biological diversity, we first think of the tropics, oceans and forests. Old cultural landscapes, which represent highly diverse habitats, are largely underestimated. These landscapes were created over centuries from the interaction between nature and human use of land.

Without maintenance and management measures, these ecologically important areas and peripheral locations are exposed to scrub encroachment and forestation.

In order to limit or prevent species depletion, these areas must be extensively maintained.

Principles of reasonable grassland maintenance should be:

  • As little intervention as possible but as much as necessary, with a focus on biodiversity
  • Use of all possibilities of animal-friendly meadow management

Timing: When is mowing most sensible?
Spatially: Creation of refuges and escape possibilities

  • Maintaining a proportionality between nature conservation, economic efficiency and occupational safety

No maintenance: progressive scrub encroachment

Intensively cultivated apple orchard

Extensively managed flowering meadow