Ecologically oriented green space maintenance

How can we succeed in maintaining cultural landscapes while preserving valuable rest areas for various animal and plant species?


In times of large-scale modern agriculture, peripheral areas have become the habitat of multiple animal and plant species. Extensive maintenance of these peripheral areas, oriented on ecological principles, is increasingly coming into focus.



Without any maintenance and management measures, these important ecological areas are exposed to scrub encroachment and forestation. Correct meadow management creates a balance between nature conservation and economic efficiency.



Explore important tips for maintenance frequency, maintenance period, breeding times of ground breeders, mowing direction and sectional green space maintenance.


Technical solutions

A variety of mowing techniques are available. In modern green space management, the right combination of technique and careful use are of the utmost importance.



Inform yourself with current press releases and reports on central topics around ecologically oriented green space maintenance: nature conservation, sensible green space maintenance and the right mowing technique for each case.


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