Maneuverable high grass mower: The new AS 62 4T B&S

Mowing on meadow orchards, or in garden areas is sometimes equivalent to negotiating an obstacle course. To remain comfortable in spite of the curves, a mower should not only be powerful, it should also be easy to manoeuvre. The AS 62 4T B&S from AS-Motor GmbH meets these requirements.

The AS 62 4T B&S is designed for agile driving behaviour. This is a result of the drive concept without a permanently locked drive axle that was developed for this mower. In addition in order to easily steer and turn, the front wheels are movable; however they can also be arrested for comfortable lengthwise driving on slopes. The V-handlebar is laterally adjustable, which means that the operator can easily avoid obstacles: Whether thorn bushes, low-hanging branches, or walls, the operator stays a comfortable distance away from these obstacles. The AS 62 4T B&S mows and mulches growth up to 90 centimetres and thanks to a 1:1.6 engine-blade reduction it has a high cutting capacity in dense growth.

Compact yet powerful

With a cutting width of 61 centimetres it offers a work rate of approximately 2,440 square metre an hour. Thanks to its capacity and cutting force it is also well-suited for medium-sized surfaces and hilly terrain. The smooth running 4-stroke engine from Briggs & Stratton with 5.5 hp maximum power ensures a drive speed between 1.9 and 4.0 km/h. When mowing the speed regulator on the handlebar enables variable adjustment of the drive speed. The height-adjustable bar and the damping of the V-handlebar, which reduces hand-arm vibration to a minimum also contribute to the high level of mowing comfort. Cutting height between 50 and 100 millimetres can be variably adjusted on the front axle and adjusted in five levels on the rear axle. The AS 62 4T B&S can also be easily transported: When the bar is folded-in the 65 kilogram device is reduced in size to compact transport dimensions (96x70x74 centimetres) and even fits in the rear of an estate car.

A closed mowing deck protects the user

For strong forward driving also on hilly terrain or gentle slopes, extra large drive wheels (diameter 30 centimetres) were used for the AS 62 4T B&S. The conical, closed mowing deck ensures that the grass is fed into the blades, and at the same time it protects the operator from rocks or other foreign objects. The material to be mowed is chopped and discharged to the rear. For improved engine protection the blades and the engine shaft are separated from each other by the blade clutch. If the blade strikes roots or rocks, the impact is dampened and is not transmitted to the crankshaft. Thus cost-intensive repairs are avoided. The AS 62 4T B&S is the right choice for users that need a strong, compact and maneuverable meadow mower for hilly terrain as well. Those who need a little more power for working on steeper slopes, can rely on the AS 63 2T ES with 2-stroke engine, limited slip differential and automatic speed limitation when driving downhill.

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