Expert tips


The trend is towards high-grass mowing

What does "ecological mowing" mean? It means maintaining green spaces in a way that is in harmony with our flora and fauna. Behind this is "high grass mowing" - an efficient mowing method that focuses on the mowing interval and time of mowing, among other things. It makes an important contribution to species protection.

AS-Motor tyre sealant: Mow without flats

A flat tyre when mowing frustratingly results in lost time. After filling "Flat-Stop" tyre sealant into the tyre, it seals punctures in the tread area - the driver often doesn't even notice. The ecologically harmless agent has no expiry date, does not stick and provides frost and corrosion protection.

One mower for all jobs – in search of the universal mower

Are you looking for the perfect universal mower? Here you will find out why you will have some dificulties finding the "egg-laying wool-milk sow" in the mower sector. While it would be great to own such a machine, a technician faced various, sometimes contradictory challenges when designing a mower. We would like to give you an insight into this in this article.