AS-Motor Weed removers

Mechanical weed control – the alternative to herbicides

Weed removal is an important task for municipalities, service providers and private homeowners alike. Weeds sprout up along kerbstones and in between the gaps of paved areas. However, herbicides are harmful to the environment and even prohibited in some areas. AS-Motor provides a professional alternative to controlling unwanted wild growth using a patented oscillating brush system for perfect contact pressure, removing weeds from the root. Mechanical weed removal is both a practical and environmentally responsible alternative to herbicides.

Remove weeds, even where heavy equipment cannot be used

Whether in public spaces or on private estates, weeds often appear in the most difficult-to-access areas. AS-Motor’s mechanical weed removers have an adjustable handlebar for easy working in the following areas:

  • along kerbstone edges and other peripheral areas
  • along walls
  • in joints and between pavers
  • on uneven terrain
  • between grass pavers and H-shaped paving stones
  • in water channels and manhole/sewer inlets

Remove weeds next to moving traffic

The AS 50 WeedHex is equipped with safety technology that minimises the risk of ejected foreign objects when working close to moving traffic or parked cars. Two rotating weed brushes are sealed inside a closed hood while a second protective cloth flap adapts to the soil surface, providing double protection against object ejection while in use.

The AS 50 WeedHex is safety certified by the German Test- and Certification-Center for Agriculture and Forest Engineering (DPLF).

Remove weeds in hard-to-reach areas

The AS 30 WeedHex is a lightweight, agile and versatile mechanical weed remover with particularly easy handling. The angle of the weed brush can be adjusted via individually height-adjustable wheels, enabling weed removal at low positions such as water channels and manhole inlets.

The reduced brush speed of only 600 revolutions per minute and protective cloth flap enable safe work with minimal risk of stone ejection or dust. The engine/brush gear reduction more than doubles torque, resulting in significantly more brush force for stubborn weeds. Marble and wood terraces can be safely worked with light pressure from above, by gently pushing the AS 30 WeedHex over sensitive surfaces.


AS 30 WeedHex 140

Mechanical weed removal for private users

35 cm
2,4/3,3 kW (hp)
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AS 30 WeedHex 160

Mechanical weed removal for professional use

35 cm
2,4/3,3 kW (hp)
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AS 30 E-WeedHex

Remove weeds mechanically, with minimal noise and low emissions

35 cm
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AS 50 WeedHex

Professional weed removal for large work areas

50 cm
4,1/5,5 kW (hp)
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