New: Customise your AS 30 WeedHex

From spring 2021 on you will have the possibility to customise all AS 30 WeedHex models according to your needs.

The machine is now configurated in a modular system. You decide which brush system you prefer and how many batteries and chargers you actually need.

Brush system – The right brush for every requirement

The basic unit is delivered without any brush as standard. The appropriate brush can be selected according to your individual area of application and has to be ordered separately. The following three brushes are available:

  • Plate brush nylon, 35 cm
  • Plate brush steel, 35 cm
  • Brush holder for up to 6 steel braid brushes, 42 cm

With or without battery and charger – its up to you

Another charger? You decide! The new scope of delivery of the AS 30 E-WeedHex offers you more flexibility. It does not include a B&S 82V, 5.0 Ah lithium-ion battery and no charger. You decide how many batteries and chargers you need and simply add them as accessories to your order.

New accessories – 3rd support wheel retrofittable

For all AS 30 models, a 3rd support wheel for reducing lateral forces and for constant contact pressure is available. All AS 30 models with large protectiv cloth* can be retrofitted with the new support wheel.

  • rotatable support wheel with quick locking device, completely galvanized
  • reduces lateral forces considerably
  • allows consistent work with less fatigue

All brushes, brush holder, 3rd support wheel, batteries and chargers you can find under accessories and add them to the basic unit AS 30 according to your needs.

*AS 30 WeedHex 140 from serial number 0287 1908 0001
*AS 30 WeedHex 160 from serial number 0299 1904 0001
*AS 30 E-WeedHex from serial number 0332 1903 0001