AS-Motor - Your specialist for high grass, steep slopes and mulching

Do you face some specific challenges when mowing high grass or mowing on slopes?

No matter whether your challenges are mowing dense undergrowth and particularly high gras or mowing steep slopes and unknown terrain with hidden foreign objects. AS-Motor mowers tackle these challenges with ease.

Contact us and we will find the right mower for your specific job!

High performance meets high requirements

Our Flail mowers – is a universal tool suitable for high or low grass, scrub and dense growth. The flail mower’s primary advantage is that in the event of unseen foreign objects, the flails simply give way. Perfect cutting results and a high work rate make AS-Motor’s flail mowers the first choice for professional operators.

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Our product range also includes mulching mowers and professional lawn mowers, rotary mowers, disc mowers and weed removers.

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    About AS-Motor

    Steep, narrow vineyards, rarely mowed orchards – there was no mechanical solution for these demanding mowing tasks in the 1950s. Alfred Schefenacker, our founder and inventor from southern Germany, then constructed a 2-stroke engine which served as the drive for the first Allmäher®.

    This led to the foundation of the company AS-Motor GmbH & Co. KG in Oberrot. In 1961 the first Allmäher® went into production.

    Today our machines are in use in over 40 countries worldwide.

    For professionals and private users with specific requirements

    Our professional and innovative equipment is used worldwide with high satisfaction and succes by professional and private users.

    Find the right product for your application!